HANDcure The high-efficient UV LED system

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HANDcure – a mobile UV LED handset for spot and area curing. The HANDcure typically is used in the field of bonding, curing and detection.

UV curing adhesives and resins are used in complexe assembly and manufacturing solutions where it depends on a controlled curing and immediate handling strength. Based on the battery-powered electric tools of Nürtingen’s specialist Metabo, IST has developed HANDcure.

The device has a spectral range from 365 nm to 415 nm and weighs in the basic version just 1,0kg. With HANDcure a tireless working in various manufacturing processes is ensured.


Detection and inspection of particle contamination
Detection and inspection of material characteristics
Interconnection of UV adhesives for immediate fixation
Interconnection of UV curing potting compounds
Interconnection of UV curing resins for the production of composite fibers
Interconnection of UV curing primers and putties

Curing parameters and times can be set via timer in the display.

HANDcure benefits:

High performance in a very compact construction
Lightweight with good handling
Wireless mobile working
Long lifetime with about 20.000 h
No warm-up time
No heat transfer to the substrate
Emission spectrum of 365 nm to 415 nm
Low power consumption and thus a long operation time
The HANDcure neither contains mercury nor ozone

Standard delivery contains a HANDcure inclusively battery and charger. A quick charger and batteries with higher capacity are available on request. All components are delivered in one handy tool case.

The device exclusively will be distributed by IST Metz GmbH.


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